Research: USB OpenSim

Installing and running OpenSim
on a USB memory stick
to run on a Windows PC
(without HyperGrid)

SCREENCAST: OpenSim on a USB Stick(Steps 1-5 18 mins)SCREENCAST: OpenSim on a USB Stick - Part 2(Wifi, OAR files and Diva Inventory 4.5 mins)
See feedback and video: iliveis - OpenSim for free! on a stickand this post
EASY OPTION: Download ready made sim-on-a-stick

This OpenSim on a USB Memory Stick installation does not allow multi user access but may be useful for
  • students without internet access at home
  • institutions where online access to virtual worlds is not available
  • conferences and workshops

Note: Slightly different instruction below for running USB OpenSim on
64bit Windows PCs.

EASY OPTION: Download ready made sim-on-a-stick

Multi-User Instructions

See also New World Studio

Zen Viewer and sim-on-a-stick

USB OpenSim Instructions

Download MoWeS Portable using MoWeS Mixer
  • Select 'I do not have a MoWeS Portable II Package'
  • Select Apache2, MySQL5 and PHP5
  • Download, Unzip and copy contents of mowes-portable in a new folder usb-opensim on a clean USB memory stick
Download Diva Distribution Preconfigured hypergrided standalone
  • Unzip and copy diva-rxxxxx folder to usb-opensim on same USB memory stick (rxxxxx is currently r13861)
  • Follow the Diva installation instructions with amendments and notes below for using USB on a Windows PC

Amendments and notes for Diva instructions

From USB
Step 0 (ignore)
Step 1
  • Run mowes.exe - follow all prompts
  • You should get a MoWeS Portable II Status Window showing Apache and MySQL both running
  • Open mysql --> bin folder - then for Windows Vista/Win 7 <SHIFT><RIGHT MOUSE CLICK> --> 'Open command window here' (mouse needs to be in white space on far RHS of window) or Google to find how to open command line window for other versions of Windows (Windows XP here).
  • Follow Diva MySQL instructions
  • At password prompt hit <ENTER> (ie no password)
  • At mysql prompt continue to follow mysql.txt noting that all punctuation is essential and choosing your password (including ' ' )
  • (If mysql prompt is lost type help; - you probably left off a semicolon :-)
  • Close command window
Step 2 (ignore)
Step 3 (ignore)
  • no need for email for standalone USB OpenSim
Step 4
  • Follow instructionsand run configure.exe from bin folder
  • at Your external domain name (preferred) or IP address: type
  • accept all remaining default options
  • Note settings before closing command window by pressing <ENTER> as requested
Step 5
  • Follow instructions and run opensim.exe from bin folder (this will take a few minutes)
  • Remember avatar name and password
  • At Region <root> # prompt all is ready
Tidy up...
  • At Region <root> # prompt type terrain fill 21 (creates flat land above waterline)
  • At Region <root> # prompt type quit and wait for window to close
  • Go to MoWeS Portable II Status Window and Stop servers and End
  • Create shortcuts from the USB root directory to usb-opensim\mowes.exe and usb-opensim\diva-rxxxxx\opensim.exe (rxxxxx is currently r13861)

Running USB OpenSim


Instructions to put on USB

Importing a new terrain and building (optional)
  • Download CondensationLandClub and Unzip
  • In Opensim.exe command window at Region <root> # prompt type load oar CondensationLandClub.oar
  • Go to viewer and wait for terrain and building to rez

Installing Imprudence Viewer on same USB

Making multiple copies of USB
  • Copy entire contents of USB to a folder on PC
  • Copy contents of folder from PC to a new USB


  • Ocassionally run DIVA --> bin --> Update.exe (while mowes and opensim are running) to update DIVA/OpenSim (all existing data is saved)
  • If shortcuts to mowes.exe and opensim.exe don't work open folders (drive mapping can interfere)
  • If OpenSim.exe closes on startup check to see if you are on a 64-bit PC. If so run OpenSim32BitLaunch.exe instead.
  • If MoWeS gives "Apache not running" error then turn off Skype if it's running. (See this link for a fix.)
  • For other MoWeS errors try here
  • Some PCs may not run this build of OpenSim for other reasons which is beyond the scope of this project.
  • Keyword Research Keyword Canine

Recommendations for possible Guidelines/Standards

  • Consider using OpenSim on a USB memory stick as a 'portable' virtual world where other access may not be possible or desirable.